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Addicted to the Angry Birds, thats what I am !!! Always new ideas for adventures and mashups with other games and movies. And I love to see pictures come to life...soooo, here I sit animating away using 3D animation software. I do not use original graphics or sounds from the games and movies. Much rather all animations are made from scratch in endless hours of animation. I hope now you undestand why my videos and sounds are somewhat different from (and maybe not as good as ) the original.... but I try hard ;-))) For all those interested: I mostly use Iclone Pro 5, 3Ds Max, Photoshop and After Effects. You'll see 3D animated clips & cartoons some "nonexisting" Angry Birds combo spoofs, some combined with reallife footage. Watch and enjoy ;-)) .... and don't forget to visit the makers of the REAL game to: ;-))

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Derzeit hat FunVideoTV ca. 631404 Youtube-Abonnenten und Rang 259. auf der deutschen Youtuber-Rangliste basierend auf der Anzahl der Gesamtkanal-Abonnenten und gehört zu den TOP 8%. Der Kanal hat insgesamt 149 Videos und 1080254733 Aufrufe.


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Basierend auf der Gesamtzahl der Youtube-Abonnenten.

# Datum Abonnenten
259. 03/26 631404
259. 03/25 631300
259. 03/24 631179
259. 03/23 631051
259. 03/22 630966
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Basierend auf der Gesamtzahl der Youtube Videoaufrufe.

# Datum Aufrufe
32. 03/26 1080254733
32. 03/25 1080167090
32. 03/24 1080046213
32. 03/23 1079918642
32. 03/22 1079832216

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