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Addicted to the Angry Birds, thats what I am !!! Always new ideas for adventures and mashups with other games and movies. And I love to see pictures come to life...soooo, here I sit animating away using 3D animation software. I do not use original graphics or sounds from the games and movies. Much rather all animations are made from scratch in endless hours of animation. I hope now you undestand why my videos and sounds are somewhat different from (and maybe not as good as ) the original.... but I try hard ;-))) For all those interested: I mostly use Iclone Pro 5, 3Ds Max, Photoshop and After Effects. You'll see 3D animated clips & cartoons some "nonexisting" Angry Birds combo spoofs, some combined with reallife footage. Watch and enjoy ;-)) .... and don't forget to visit the makers of the REAL game to: ;-))


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645824 Abonnenten
1085010895 Videoaufrufe
3313 Likes/video
146 videos
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Derzeit hat FunVideoTV auf YouTube rund 645824 Abonnenten und belegt auf der Basis der Gesamtzahl der Kanalabonnenten den 271. Platz der deutschen Youtuber-Rangliste. Bisher hat er 146 Videos hochgeladen, die insgesamt rund 1085010895 Aufrufe generiert haben. FunVideoTV lädt normalerweise alle 24 Tage ein Video hoch (Durchschnitt) und erhält durchschnittlich Likes und Kommentare pro Video.


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# Datum Abonnenten
271. 09/14 645824
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# Datum Aufrufe
39. 09/14 1085010895

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