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Mobile Games Level Walkthroughs & Cash Skill Games Videos Skillgaming is the original and #1 Independant Youtube-Channel for both, Cash Skill Games and skill-based Mobile Games. We've been the first channel ever, providing you educational fan video guides for games such as Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Safari, Jelly Splash and many more. So if you want to know about upcoming gaming hits before everyone else does, you should definitely subscribe to our channel. We play games published by Bandai Namco, Cookapps, Line, King, Rovio, Wooga, Zynga, etc. We play Indie Games, too! We don't support Pay2Win, instead we fight for more transparency. ----- You want your games to be shown on our channel? You are CUSTOMER-DRIVEN? Then don't hesitate to send us a mail!


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182148 Abonnenten
323080233 Videoaufrufe
2 Likes/video
71390 videos
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Derzeit hat skillgaming auf YouTube rund 182148 Abonnenten und belegt auf der Basis der Gesamtzahl der Kanalabonnenten den 841. Platz der deutschen Youtuber-Rangliste. Bisher hat er 71390 Videos hochgeladen, die insgesamt rund 323080233 Aufrufe generiert haben. skillgaming lädt normalerweise alle 0 Tage ein Video hoch (Durchschnitt) und erhält durchschnittlich Likes und Kommentare pro Video.


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# Datum Abonnenten
841. 09/14 182148
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# Datum Aufrufe
170. 09/14 323080233

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