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A German teacher with a leaning towards silliness and a bunch of quirky likes. My videos are sometimes about school, sometimes about anything I find inspiring, always about chickens (at least in spirit). Note that I rarely check my YouTube messages. Also, I don't find the time to answer all the messages I get, although I occasionally try that on facebook. Note that I check my facebook only every two months or so. Don't know what it is about social media and me. So if you want some kind of an update on me, I am most active on Instagram at the moment (as of november 2015). And please stop asking for Tardis measurements and read the video description instead (although I have a feeling that the kind of people who keep asking will not read this either...). Well, at least I said it.


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23981 Abonnenten
2792008 Videoaufrufe
1 Likes/video
41 videos
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Derzeit hat sillysparrowness auf YouTube rund 23981 Abonnenten und belegt auf der Basis der Gesamtzahl der Kanalabonnenten den 1864. Platz der deutschen Youtuber-Rangliste. Bisher hat sie 41 Videos hochgeladen, die insgesamt rund 2792008 Aufrufe generiert haben. sillysparrowness lädt normalerweise alle 74 Tage ein Video hoch (Durchschnitt) und erhält durchschnittlich Likes und Kommentare pro Video.


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# Datum Abonnenten
1864. 09/14 23981
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# Datum Aufrufe
1951. 09/14 2792008

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