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Deutsch für Euch

Deutsch für Euch
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Learn German - it's free and fun! :) Deutsch Für Euch ("German for you") is for people wishing for an alternative to learn German. Its targeted audience are native English speakers, but of course anyone is free and encouraged to give it a go - if you speak English, you're good to go :) The project's main focus is giving both extensive and accessible grammar explanations; a concept that's pretty unique in this form on YouTube. Because of this, analytic learners and linguistics enthusiasts are most likely to see quick results through DFE; regardless, having explicit grammar knowledge is helpful to every adult learner. Besides information and a sense of humor, the third big aspect I find most important is an active involvement with my viewers; I try to reply as much as possible! :) I am not a teacher (yet), I'm just interested in languages and appreciate anything to make studying them less dry - because it really doesn't have to be. Viel Spaß beim Lernen! Katja

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Derzeit hat Deutsch für Euch ca. 197156 Youtube-Abonnenten und Rang 739. auf der deutschen Youtuber-Rangliste basierend auf der Anzahl der Gesamtkanal-Abonnenten und gehört zu den TOP 24%. Der Kanal hat insgesamt 269 Videos und 9542779 Aufrufe.


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739. 01/20 197156
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739. 01/18 197080
739. 01/17 197014
739. 01/16 196966
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1406. 01/20 9542779
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1404. 01/18 9539143
1404. 01/17 9538057
1405. 01/16 9536415

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